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AP Psychology Exam Review - Introduction

At StudyAPExam our team of experts would like to focus on books that can potentially get you a 4 or 5 in the AP Psychology exam. We would also like to list AP Psychology Textbooks that would enable you to learn AP Psychology exam material in a short time period. 

Our team of experts would like to ensure that you have access to AP Psychology textbooks both covering primary and supplementary materials for your AP test.

Interesting fact about this exam is that we haven’t seen it change much in a long time. Due to this, some students believe it maybe an easier exam to prepare for, however, word of caution that you should always spend time studying for this exam like any other.

To prepare for AP Psychology test, here are our book recommendations.

You will need these books to score a five on your AP Psychology test. 

high school psychology textbook
Are you ready to get into this? We have collected just enough information to help you score high on your AP Exam, so relax!

The AP Psychology exam consists of two sections.  This exam is also considered to be one of the easiest exam to pass, however, our panel of experts recommend at least allowing two weeks to prepare for this exam. 

AP Psychology Exam Information

Duration of AP Psychology Exam is 120 minutes. Section I would take you the longest time to complete with 1 hour 10 minutes and Section II would take 50 minutes to complete.

The first section of the AP Psychology exam is multiple choice. There are 100 multiple choice questions and you’ll have 70 minutes to answer them.  

If you can breeze thru these questions quickly, you will plenty of time to tackle the next section which is time consuming.

Section I counts towards 66% of the overall exam score.

After the multiple choice section you’ll have a 10-minute break.

Following the break is the Free-Response Section. This section consists of two free-response questions and you’ll have 50 minutes to complete both of them. 

Unfortunately don’t get a chance to go back thru earlier section of multiple choice questions and review them, so hopefully you had done well on those questions already.

The good news is that free-response is not quite the same as an essay. There’s no need for introductory paragraphs, smooth transitions, beautiful prose, or weighty conclusions.

Each free response question presents a scenario followed by a list of terms and your job is to explain, using examples, how those terms relate to the situation in question. This can usually be done in just a few sentences for each term, so you won’t need to write pages upon pages in order to get full credit.

As long as you make it clear that you know the term and you correctly explain how it might relate to the prompt you should be all set.

AP Psychology TextBooks - Recommendations 2018

# 1 AP Psychology TextBook 2018

5 Steps to a 5 AP Psychology Book 2018 – McGraw Hill

PROS: Our team of experts recommend AP Books that get you ready for your specific exam within a short time period. In addition our goal is ensure you get a 5 on AP Psychology. To keep that in mind, our recommendation provides both primary and supplemental resources.

AP Psychology Textbooks
AP Psychology Textbooks

AP Psychology Textbook, you should take a look at McGraw Hill publication 5 Steps to a 5. There is a lot to like about this book, but to begin with if you are looking to quickly be prepared for your exam, this book is the book to read.

Most of the books from McGraw Hill cover clear and helpful introduction, however, in this case particularly 5 steps to a 5 for AP Psychology exam, scoring, format and content is clear.

Our panel also likes the study plan that provides additional information to keep you focused regardless of your studying style. With study plan, you can prepare for AP psychology exam in a more efficient manner. 

Also, we like the style which is easier to understand along with two practice exams at the end.  With this book you get test prep guide that matches the actual exam syllabus and online help to include three test.  You also get two practice tests with the book itself.

CONS: One thing to note about these practice tests is that they tend to be easier just like the exams provided on the College Board ap psychology online resources. It is condensed for the AP Psychology exam, so if you need details make sure you also review our unofficial resources. 

Cracking the AP Psychology Exam 2018 – Princeton Review

PROS: This book was fair in terms of quality compared to other Princeton’s Books. Even then, this is a good and detailed study guide on the year’s topics.  In terms of learning test taking strategies, this is one of the better books.  Like many other Princeton books, content is good, yet it doesn’t have the level of detail covered compared to other books.  

AP Psychology Exam 2018 Edition

Give yourself enough time and along with another book, you can definitely increase your chances of scoring 5 on AP Exam. This book is engaging and you see some humor, but we would rate this below compared to McGraw Hill Book AP Psychology Guide 5 steps to a 5. 

Overall, we consider this book to be a good guide that provides comprehensive content reviews. Book was recently updated and includes the latest in terms of what you might need for 2018 exam. Also, AP Connect that provides online portal can be anther great resource to prepare for the test.

With 2 full-length practice tests with detailed answers and practice drills you will be ready quickly. We also like guessing strategies and tactics when you are unsure about an answer.

CONS: Tests are rather easy compared to actual AP Tests, but instructions are not very clear.  Also, make sure you give yourself time to read it.

Barron’s AP Psychology Book 7th Edition

PROS:  Barron’s guide offers content and test questions that are also beneficial and reading in conjunction with McGraw Hill 5 steps to a 5 AP Psychology textbook can get you 95% ready for the exam.

AP Psychology Barrons
AP Psychology Barrons

In addition to being an additional resource Barron’s provides three full length practice exams with an additional diagnostic test. Barron’s book has 15 multiple choice practice questions as well, which is useful for reviewing specific topics that you’re not sure about instead of having to take a full AP Psychology test.

So, this book is great book which covers almost everything you need once combined with McGraw Hill AP Psychology Textbook. There are some chapters in this book that require memorization, so you can go back and review them later. As an option you can also obtain Barron’s AP Psychology Flash Cards, if you are in a hurry or make your own labels.

You also get a CD-ROM with this book which also provides an additional full-length AP Exam to get you prepared for AP Psychology exam.

CONS: Barron’s book remind  you what a book should really look like and some students don’t like this. So, this book is written in a format which includes long paragraphs, which can be hard to follow.

AP Psychology Textbook Myers 2nd Edition

David Myers’ has put together a great book which is pretty much the Gold Standard which is widely used throughout many schools in order to prep for AP Psychology exam. 

Myers's Psychology for AP 2nd Edition

David G. Myers second edition is by far one of the best AP Psychology textbook, which covers all aspects of AP Psychology test.  We felt that the this book is well-researched and extremely well written. 

Combine this book with the right AP Psychology exam books and you got a winning combination that is sure to get you 5 on your test. 

If you are looking for the holy bible of psychology, this is the book to get to prep for your AP Psychology Test.

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